iLaria Bordignon

iLaria Bordignon

"It's time to change the world for the better"

Owner, Photographer and Designer  iLaria Bordignon truly believes that women and transgender peoples around the world should cease to be relegated as a minority in business and marginalized in society, and instead become an equally accepted influence in all aspects of our unique and diverse world.

As a transgender female, I believe I have a unique perspective on how a society can move beyond it's predominantly patriarchal dominance, to embracing the distinctive qualities of each gender. For having lived my life initially within a male role and now as a female business owner, I can safely say that I have accrued an innate understanding of gender equality. Read iLaria's unique perspectives Interview with ilaria

My Anglo/Italian heritage and Male/Female transgender make-up influences my lingerie designs, modeling styles, and motivates my business and marketing philosophies.

As a transgender lingerie designer, I innately know what men want to see, and what women want to feel

I strive to exemplify empowering feminine passions and sexiness.

I combine the sensuality, look and feel of my lingerie so that women and transgender alike can openly express their feminine passions and pleasures in a way that totally liberates them all

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My truly sexy lingerie designs can bring pleasure and confidence to both transgender/cross-dresser and female clientele alike.

My transgender uniqueness and passionate femininity has allowed me to fully explore the gender roles, gender diversity and sensuality. It has influenced my lingerie designs and modeling and promotional philosophies to create the most exquisite lingerie to sensually excite and empower transgender, cross-dresser and female clientele alike.

"Lingerie is our most intimate item of clothing... it should look and feel wonderful".

A personal love affair with sexy lingerie

Ever since I can remember I've been in love with fine lingerie, I just love the way a beautiful piece of lingerie can make you feel confident and sexy. I remember so vividly the first time I wore a seductive pair of stretch satin and lace panties, as I slipped them on, the sensation of the sheer silky fabric caressing my intimacy for the first time was just exquisite. It was pure indulgence and lustful intimate pleasure heightened by every touch and caress of the delicate fabric, I was hooked, and my love affair to make and enjoy exquisite lingerie in the most beautifully silky soft fabrics has been there ever since.

No matter if you're tall or short, petite or plus size, my adoration of the female form makes my styles flattering on women, girls and transgender of all shapes and sizes.

We are all uniquely beautiful and we all have our own intimate needs and desires. To honor the beauty of the feminine form I have created a company to fashion perfectly tailored to gently caress and please everyone in the most pleasurable way and in all the right places.

We at Carezza Intima have melded the most carefully chosen the most exquisitely pleasurable fabrics and baby soft yarns, into the most eye-catching lingerie that just feels so wonderful.

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iLaria's Other Sites

I'm very much a renaissance girl, with so many varied interests and passions. I have some very unique views on transgenderism, science, nature and the psychology of living a beautifully balanced and healthy lifestyle.

You can learn alot more about me from my other sites, especially which really delves into my passionate views on sensuality, unique lingerie design creativity and visully stimulating phtography.

Balance the Light is actually centered around my soon to be published book "The Apple and the Ego" which began as inquisitive questions about the everyone's unique thoughts and distinctive personalities form my lifelong friend Damiana Gallatin.

It is a journey into the five intuitive thought areas of our brains and how we should all strive for a harmonious balance or them all to achieve happiness in our lives.


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