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Carezza Intima is a sensually adventurous and exciting company pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional lingerie modeling with beutifully sensual imagery. We wish to empower you to feel sensually liberated, to feel truly beautiful and totally sexy in our really seductive lingerie. We aim to move away from placing the designer or label first, but instead focus on you! The model truly enjoying yourself in our very sexy lingerie. We very comfortable working with novice to experienced, we have openings for Catalogue, Anonymous (body only) and Glamour Shoots and welcome all models to be one of our Featured Models.

Modeling Styles

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Our modeling portrayals range from; seductive, romantic and enticing for... Carezza Intima small and Cerina logo small. Sexy and playful exhibitionism for PantyKitten small . Girly and naughty for JuicyKitten small. Provoking and unique transgender modeling for DMS Small. And finally scandelous and sassy vintage pinup/gothic chick for ScantyVamp small.

"For all our styles, were looking for models that enjoy showing off their unique beauty and truly enjoy showing their sensuality".

Modeling Scope

Cerina Lingerie We are looking for models that enjoy expressing their "sexy exhibitionism" and feel totally confident with their sensuality and sexiness. We like our models to enjoy showing real pleasure with playful teasing and demure seduction.

Instead of just "striking a pose", we want you to really show how our silky lingerie feels and moves sensually against your body, and pleases your most intimate places.

We love our shoots to "sizzle" with real "sensual energy" and "exhibitionism". We want you to really let your most intimate passions literally flow into our lingerie fabrics with very erotic and totally seductive poses. From portraying seduction from that "special romantic occasion", to the pleasures that are brought on by simply enjoying how our lingerie feels and moves against your body and intimate areas.

Revealing Lingerie

Revealing LingerieSome of our most provocative and risqué styles can be very sheer, or even completely see-through! with only minimal or partial intimate area coverage.

So with these totally exciting styles, we are looking for models who really enjoy completely opening up to the camera, revealing the pleasure of our  silky soft fabrics caressing and pleasing your most intimate places.

We want you to let your aroused passions literally flow into our lingerie, so our clients to see "and feel" through your modeling how much pleasure wearing our lingerie can give them too!

In essence, we want our clients to say... "I want to experience what she's experiencing!"


Female Models

Our fabulous Model and Make-Up artist Breanna Calle is a a true artist at making you look just perfect, and taking a quick tour through our lingerie brands will give you an excellent idea of "the looks" and "styles" each style exemplifies.


Ideally for all our brands, we seek female models with a naturally curvy, yet beautifully toned body-type. We do understand that many models pride themselves on maintaining an excessively thin "dress size 0" figures to appease the fashion world, but we at Carezza Intima seek models that have beautifully balanced figures. In essence we welcome natural curves and figures!

We also believe that all areas of a the female body can be beautifully and seductively portrayed. So having naturally prominent and gorgeously noticeable intimate areas is a wonderful plus! We trully believe that every woman's naturally beautiful intimate areas look simply irresistible in our sexy silky lingerie.

"Carezza Intima lingerie is hand crafted to make every woman's naturally beautiful intimate areas look and feel simply irresistible"

Of course having smooth shaven intimate areas will heighten the pleasures of our beautiful silky soft fabrics even further. Yet we do welcome a neat bikini trim or little landing strip just to add that "natural look" beneath our lingerie. And finally, all except ScantyVamp models, minimal or no tattoos are preferred.

If you're interested in becoming a model, read our modeling polocies or just fill out our... Model Application


Transgender & C.D. Models

 Carezza Intima small is breaking new ground with  DMS Small  unique and erotically sensual specially transgender/cross-dresser modeling.

We welcome you to enjoy a new and wonderful experience modeling with usCoquette.

Our fabulous Model and Make-Up artist Breanna Calle is a a true artist at transforming you into the girl of your dreams. She's totally acepting and understanding of your unique needs and her warm and caring nature will make you feel excited to be warmly accepted as your true "girly self".

You'll feel warmly accepted and encouraged.

Our talented designer and photographer iLaria Bordignon really knows how to pose and position you in a way that really brings our you best feminine features. As a former cross-dresser and now full time transgender female, her caring and understanding nature will really nurture your feminine side and make you feel totally at ease in front of the camera, and her flirty and sensual nature will definitely encourage your special t-girl passion to really look beautiful in our specially made lingerie.

We want you to really enjoy portraying your very special and beautiful uniqueness.

We want you to feel just as free and liberated as our female models and fully enjoy our silky soft fabrics caressing and pleasuring your most intimate places. We really want you to feel fully excited and let your girly pleasure just flow into our silky sheer fabrics with every intimate caress.

We welcome all to enjoy the sensual pleasures of our truly sexy lingerie.

We welcome applications from all body types although a slender yet slightly curvy androgynous look that can appeal to all transgender cross-dressers everywhere is ideal. We welcome any level of modeling experience, as we find the most important aspect is how much you can truly show how much enjoyment and pleasure our lingerie gives you...

Of course having a completely smooth shaven or waxed body and smooth shaven intimate areas will heighten the pleasures of our beautiful silky soft fabrics even further, and finally, all except ScantyVamp models, minimal or no tattoos are preferred.

See our other model comments and reviews on their experiences with us. If you're interested in becoming a model, just fill out our... Model Application with your details...

We'd love to audition with you!


Carezza Intima is commitment to diversity and accept applications from all genders, body types, racial and ethnic groups or individuals. We are committed to providing equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all aspects of business practices including and not limited to the selection of our models. And although an audition with us is not a modeling guarantee, we are committed to completely fair and unbiased casting procedures. Casting of potential of models is done on the basis of their modeling skill and ability demonstrated during the audition process, as well as the models appropriateness and suitability encompassing physical, mental and emotional attributes. Our modeling sessions will always be in safe comfortable surroundings, and we welcome discreetly attending chaperones. Were also happy to work with novice TFCD/Print beginner and the experienced. And we are always comfortable negotiating mutually agreeable compensations.

Model Application...

Are you willing to model minimal sheer/see-through or no intimate area coverage lingerie in erotic “Penthouse” style poses?
If no to the above. Will you model our styles anonymously? (body parts modeling only)
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