Mixing Work and Pleasure

The Status Quo... "Modern society so sensitive, acutely aware and even fearful of anything that may cause a sensual or sexual reaction outside of a private environment.

We are told not to feel, express or show any signs of sexiness or sensuality at work, in public places, or anywhere that isn’t behind locked doors".

Are we ashamed of sensuality or indeed ourselves?

How We Do It

Carezza Intima small "encourages a sensually liberating workplace where transgender, male and female are all welcomed and treated equally in every way".

We believe a working in a stimulating, sensually liberating stress free job is healthier, better, and benefits everyone’s creative qualities. It encourages an exciting working atmosphere that unites friendships, teamwork and creativity.

Carezza Intima invites you to consider working in very sexy lingerie.

Carezza Intima encourages everyone's most passionate skills and unique creativeness. We want you to really enjoy working with us, and what better way to achieve that is for you to do what you truly enjoy. Together we will seek and hone your best and most passionate skills and encourage you to enthusiastically apply them to everything you do.

Gender equality, sensuality and empowering femininity. We strive to enjoy a gender fluid, gender friendly, healthy, and sensually stimulating workplace where transgender, male and female are all welcomed, and all treated equally in absolutely every way.


Combining Work & Pleasure

Our ultimate goal is for our clients the feel the wonderful pleasures of our sexiest lingerie. So what better way is there to create, promote, and sell sensually exciting lingerie than to encourage all of those who work with us to enjoy feeling sexy and sensual while they work!

Sensuality is a wonderful energy, it completely relaxes stresses and energizes a wondrous sense of self empowerment. It helps the mind focus with a stimulating passion and enthusiastic creativity that inspires our trully sexy lingerie designs. When felt and enjoyed by our friendly community, it truly creates the most mutually pleasing working environment that we welcome you to enjoy as well.

We believe that working together while enjoying sensuality and sexy feelings creates a warm, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Applying sensuality and sexiness to our everyday working activities, opens the doors to more interesting and stimulating interpersonal connections, it energizes creativity and allows us opportunities to truly experience a lovely sensual pleasure everything we do.

Radiating sensuality brings a smile, warmth and a glow that stimulates others.  We feel the perfect environment is to encourage everyone to feel uninhibited to discreetly enjoy stimulating pleasurable feelings while they work.  Co-workers will certainly notice and appreciate your lovely radiating warmth and sensual glow as we all unite to enjoy the stimulating pleasures of working together.

Creating Incredibly Sexy Lingerie

Sensuality truly inspires us to create the most exquisite sexy lingerie. Allowing our sensual passions to literally flow into every one of our lingerie designs truly helps us to fashion the most sexually pleasing lingerie.

Imagining how much sexual pleasure and enjoyment our lingerie will bring to our clientele, brings so much pleasure to us. Allowing our sensual thoughts to imagine how our sexy lingerie designs will feel on our clients, or how they will inspire their intimate fantasies and passionate romances, truly inspires to our team to create truly sexy lingerie.

Dressing for Pleasure

We believe there is nothing wrong in looking and feeling totally seductive at work! revealing

Everyone has beautifully and sensual looks, and we welcome all to enjoy expressing their sensual individuality with a sexy and sensual outfit that tastefully complements their unique feelings, body and shape. 

Complementing the pleasures of our lingerie with sexy heels, a sheer low-cut top or a flirty mini skirt are wonderful ways to help us feel feminine, empowered and sensual. 

We welcome all our team to enjoy the pleasures of our silky soft sexy lingerie beneath a slinky mini dress, or a revealing silky sheer low-cut blouse paired with a flirty mini-skirt in the workplace. Or free your inhibitions and dare to wear that dangerously short micro skirt or that very sheer mini dress that beautifully reveals your glowing sexiness beneath.

How do We Do It

We practice sensuality combined with ethical morality. We encourage everyone who works with us to learn the difference between sensual freedom and incorrect behavior. We motivate everyone to refocus reactionary sensitivities to respectful and pleasurable activities. All of our employees comply to our proper decorum, mannerisms and workplace ethics and guidelines... And most importantly, are always understanding and respectful of everyone's feelings, limitations and healthy boundaries.

Celebrate sensuality, diversity and equality with Carezza-Intima and take the time to view our opportunities…

Job Openings

Carezza Intima’s commitment to diversity accepts applications from all genders; all body types, all racial and ethnic groups or individuals.  We are committed to providing equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all aspects of business practices.


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