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lingerie is our first and most intimate item of clothing, it can ehnhace our moods and feelings making us feel confident and sensual. We love to make it fit and feel wondefull.1

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- Our busy careers and work can take up to 70% of our waking lives and how many of us have the luxury of finding a job or career that they truly enjoy and are stimulated by?

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- Many of our working daily lives are mundane, repetitive, stressful and limited to a small fluorescent light bulb cubical environment. Many of us also find ourselves cowering under oppressive managerial rules limiting our freedom of expression and individuality for the sake of productivity and profits. We have to abide and confirm to dressing conservatively, acting conservatively and limit our social interactions, all for the sake of corporate productivity and profits, and all at the expense of our individual happiness and health.

So why can’t we blend our individuality, or even our personal pleasures and sensuality’s into everyday working lives? We don’t because we told it’s inappropriate and counterproductive, it’s distracting and not welcomed in the workplace, because while in our workplace we have be devoid of pleasurable emotions, we must be stressfully focused on work and politically correct in every way possible.

So for the majority of you who are doing jobs that are mundane, repetitive, stressful and limited to a small fluorescent light bulb cubical environment, we at Carezza intima invite you to take a moment to consider the alternative possibilities of working with us.

At Carezza intima we believe that enjoying Sensuality and sexy feelings are a natural relaxant and stress pacifier. We believe that applying sensuality to our everyday working experiences instantly opens the doors to more interesting, creative and stimulating interpersonal connections and allows us opportunities to experience pleasure in everything we do.

Enjoying the pleasures of everyday sensuality brings a smile, warmth and a glow that energizes creativity and turns stress into productive tranquility. Sensuality brings a smile, warmth and a glow that turns stress into tranquility. It can transform into beautifully creative energies that helps our design team fashion the most exquisite lingerie.

Combining Work with Pleasure

Blending the relaxing and stress free qualities sensuality with our everyday work and tasks. We feel sensuality better inspires our creativity… after all, our ultimate goal is for our clients the feel the wonderful pleasures of our lingerie, and what better way is there to create, promote, and sell sensually exciting lingerie styles than to encourage all of those who work with us to release their own sensualities to better inspire their individually productive and creative processes.

Radiating sensuality brings a smile, warmth and a glow that encourages peace, comfort and attractiveness. It’s well known that sexy feelings are a natural relaxant and stress pacifier, and working in a pleasurable stress free job is not only healthier, but also benefits everyone’s productive qualities.

Enjoying the pleasures of sensuality helps you feel more confident, others are more appreciative of you, and you feel more fulfilled in your life. We welcome atmosphere of playful flirtiness, applying sensuality to everyday experiences instantly opens the door to creativity and more interesting and stimulating interpersonal connections. It creates more pleasurable experiences, and even more opportunities to experience pleasure in everything we do.

Dressing for Pleasure and Work

We believe there is nothing wrong in and feeling sensual and looking totally seductive at work! Everyone has beautifully and sensual qualities of their personality and can enjoy expressing their sensual individuality with sexy sensual clothing that wonderfully complements their unique body and shape.

Complementing the pleasures of our lingerie with sexy heels, a sheer low-cut top or a flirty well above the knee skirt are wonderful ways to help us feel seductive and sensual. We want you to enjoy the pleasures of our silky soft sexy lingerie gently stimulating you beneath a perfectly tailored dresses caressing you sensually as you move, walk and interact with others in the workplace. Or free your inhibitions and enjoy the pleasures of daring to choose to wear that naughty little skirt or sexy dress that ever so “accidentally” rides up so easily, or that semi-sheer blouse and a-line skirt that subtly reveal the hints of lingerie and panty lines beneath.

We found that dressing for pleasure is a truly effective and easy way to inspire the creative passions in others. Working in an eviroment where coplimentary looks inspire feelings of being appreciated and admired. Feeling sensually empowered, and freely uninhibited to enjoy sexy stimulating lingerie beneath a sexy sheer dress or a very short flirty skirt with a revealing top, we feel is the perfect way to enjoy working.

How do We Do It

We simply practice sensuality combined with morality. We encourage everyone to learn the difference between sensual freedom and incorrect sexuality. We encourage everyone to control their reactions as responsible adults and refocus their sensitivities from fearful uncontrollable reactions, to controlled respectful and enjoyable actions. And a most importantly and a maxim, everyone understanding and respecting everone's healthy boundaries.

Job Openings

Carezza Intima’s commitment to diversity accepts applications from all genders; all body types, all racial and ethnic groups or individuals. We are committed to providing equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all aspects of business practices.

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