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Lingerie made to feel wonderful... and fit perfectly!

We are all different sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnics and everone has a unique body and intimate needs. Carezza Intima makes Lingerie to fit your body and your intimate desires wondefully.

Perfectly Tailored Lingerie Lingerie is the most initmate garment we wear, it can set the mood of how we feel, so it should fit and caress our bodies so we feel wonderfull everywhere. . We take specail care to ensure Beautifully soft fabrics designed to gently caress and sensually stimulate your intimate areas with every movement

We are all Unique Carezza Intima understands that size stanardization doesn't work for everyone and for most of us

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Luxurious Chantal teddy
with (sumptuous Natalia nylons)

Image not available

Sheer Bridal Collection (Carmilla, Athena and Lindsay)

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Image not available
Image not available

Coquette Pleasure Pearls
with (Carmilla and Athena)

Image not available
Image not available

"Innocent" girly sexiness
silky cami Elisa and totally sheer Jenny panties

Image not available
Image not available

(sumptuous bra and sexy panties)

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Image not available

Adventurous and Naughty
Leticia Ensemble

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