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 Our Six unique Brands all designed by Carezza Intima, flatter any feminine or transgender body type and satisfy every passionate and sensual desire.


Our most sensual premier lingerie collection is exquisitely crafted in silky soft fabrics, and delicately woven laces adorned with eye catching silver jewelry, and sensually stimulating pearls. Let our perfectly fitting lingerie caress every movement of your body with pure stimulating pleasures.

It's so important for the bride to feel just right at every moment, soft and secure at the wedding, lively and energized at the reception and romantic and seductive for those passionate honeymoon nights. Cerina Lingerie has something special for every bride's feelings, passions and desires.

Our entire range of lingerie is especially dedicated to our cross-dressing and transgender clientele who passionately embrace their femininity. Our beautifully sensual styles will caress your special pleasure with every movement, leaving you in a constant state of girly ecstasy.

PantyKitten is a mixture of sassy girl playfulness and sensual naughtiness. It has everything that a girl needs to seduce and entice her chosen one. Ideal for very erotic intimate bedroom play, or to secretly feel sensual lingerie pleasures under that sexy outfit.

Naughty and flirtatious styles that rekindle an era where lingerie accentuated a woman's natural sensuality. From classic vintage luxury to flirtations avant-garde retro, ScantyVamp reawakens the pleasures of those playful moments when more than just a thigh was "accidentally" revealed.

Let your “innocent” imagination run wild, as you dress in our extremely sheer "teen girl" styles made in beautiful baby pinks and pastel blues adorned with delicate flirty laces and cute little hearts. Be that "innocent" girl as your pleasures are barely concealed beneath completely see-through silky soft fabrics.

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